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First and foremost, we wish to convey our heartfelt greetings to all the nursing students. The nursing profession as it is the most truly considered is a highly honorable profession involving compassionate and dedicated course. Our campus Gurukul bharti college of Nursing offers a Diploma in GNM and a Degree in B.Sc. Nursing , Affiliated by INC, HPNRC, DME & AMRU.
Health is a state of well-being that enables a person to lead a psychologically, socially and economically productive life. Health is a right of all the people. Individuals, families and communities have a responsibility towards maintaining their health. so for the reason, Nursing contributes to the health services in a vital and significant way in the health care delivery system. It recognizes national health goals and is committed to participate in the implementation of National Health policies and programs. It aims at identifying health needs of the people, planning and providing quality care in collaboration with other health professionals and community groups.

Gurukul Bharti Nursing College Courses


GNM is focused on providing knowledge on all nursing training activities as well as equipments while helping students build several nursing-related skills.

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B. Sc. Nursing

BSc Nursing course is a bachelor’s degree program that trains students in areas of critical care and incorporates values necessary to become nurses and midwives.

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Sexual Harassment Committee

The Committee is responsible for all complaints of sexual harassment made: By a member of the institution against any other member irrespective of whether the harassment is alleged to have taken place within or outside the campus.

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Anti Ragging Committee

Anti-Ragging Committee to ensure compliance with the provisions of Regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging whether by words spoken or written, immediate action would be taken.

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    Gurukul Bharti College of Nursing is imparting Education in Nursing streams at both degree ( B.sc Nursing Basic) and diploma level (GNM).